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    Published Date : May 24, 2018

    The way we exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle is changing with off-the-pitch technology like Internet-of-Things (IoT). Activity trackers and fitness applications are becoming our personal coaches, helping us thoroughly with both instruction and motivation. Put on the Smart Sport Wear. It can be embedded with sensors and connected to smartphones that can communicate with our devices.

    Gartner has projected that shipments of smart garment will touch 26 million by 2020. Smart sportswear allows us to transcribe body data into training advice, and all kinds of sports equipment are increasingly capable of measuring our performance and reporting it to our smartphones.

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    Several players are paving the way in this space to gain from this revolution. For instance, Kaa offers better apps for fitness trackers, smart sports wears and connected sports equipment. It offers end-to-end training solution for the customer through its IoT Platform which enables to collect data from virtually any sensors, fitness trackers and smart sporting wear, then analyze and visualize it on equipment and mobile devices.

    Likewise, UnderArmour’s running kicks track every single stride and second during the working out — and then it syncs the data with the UA MapMyRun app. It captures player’s information, time, cadence, duration, distance and splits. It has also developed the technology called HealthBox, through which they can capture key performance statistics and health information and fitness levels from the sensors in tops and shoes of the customer.

    Considering security traits, Shockbox has designed football helmet sensor which provide immediate transmission to an app that keeps track of hit count and force of impact, so it is easy to know when a player experiences a head impact that can result in a concussion. Thus, it helps to determine when to take a player off the field and seek medical advice.

    Since a large part of the injuries in the professional sport environment is attributed to a lack of muscle warming or overstraining, the accurate measurements of body activity during a workout allow recognition of these dangers at an early stage and allow players to take pro-active actions. For example, Athos has built clothing items filled with sensors, which measure heart rate, breathing rate and muscle activity, providing accurate workout analytics.

    Smart sport clothing is so promising in sports that it is being seen as a major disruptive force in the industry in coming years. Professional athletes are already taking advantage of these type of garments. On the other side, they are expensive and remain out of reach of common people. Hence more research is needed in this space for the production of more affordable sport wear so that the common man can also benefit from the advancement in technology.

    Credits : Akhil Handa

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