Citizen Charter

Message of Chairman & Managing Director

M. D. Mallya

Dear Customer,

We at Bank of Baroda have always endeavored to make your banking with us a pleasant experience. We also believe that the ability of the banking industry to achieve the socio-economic objectives and in the process bringing more and more customers into its fold will ultimately depend on the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, we have a strong belief that a satisfied customer is our ambassador in developing our business.

In the process, a need was felt by us that in order to become more customer friendly the Bank should come out with charter of its services for the benefit of our customers. “Citizens’ Charter” concept was considered as a base instrument to fulfill this need and accordingly this document was prepared first in the year 1997. This document has since then undergone amendments/ reviews in consultation with the users and highlights Bank’s commitments towards the customers and responsibility amongst its officials and staff.

This charter revised and prepared afresh now for customers not only explains our commitment and responsibilities along with the redressal methods but also specifies the obligation on the part of customers for healthy practices in customer-banker relationships.

This is not a legal document creating rights and obligations. The “charter” has been prepared to promote fair banking practices and to give information in respect of various activities relating to customer service.

We wish to acknowledge the initiative taken by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Ministry of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances and Reserve Bank of India for encouraging us to bring out this charter.

We maintain constant consultations with our clientele through various Seminars, Customer Meets, etc., to evaluate, improve and widen the range of services to customers. However, all our customers are requested to keep us informed of their experiences about the various services rendered by the Bank and feel free to send us your observations.

We look forward to share with you a mutually beneficial & perennial banking relationship

(M. D. Mallya)
Baroda Corporate Centre
Place: Mumbai
Date: 31st July, 2008

The Citizen’s Charter of our bank follows hereunder

Our Commitment and Responsibilities

We assure that we shall act fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with you on ethical principles of integrity and transparency in respect of services we offer, and in the procedures and practices our staff follow and make sure our products and services meet relevant laws and regulations.

We will help you to understand how our financial products and services work by giving you information about them. We will also provide you the operational guidelines for Govt. accounts like PPF / pension etc. The salient features of the products / services including the financial implications are highlighted in the product profile.

Before you become a customer, we will give you clear information explaining the key features of the services and products which you are interested in and give you information on any type of account facility which we have to offer.

We shall tell you what information we need from you, before opening any deposit a/c, to prove your identity and address and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and request for additional information about you, your business/ profession and your family. The Bank before opening any deposit account will carry out due diligence as required under "Know Your Customer" (KYC) guidelines issued by RBI and or such other norms or procedures adopted by the Bank. This will involve satisfying about the identity of the person, verification of address, satisfying about his occupation and source of income, obtaining introduction of the prospective depositor from a person acceptable to the Bank and obtaining recent photograph of the person/s opening / operating the account. In addition to the due diligence requirements, under KYC norms the Bank is required by law to obtain Permanent Account Number (PAN) or General Index Register (GIR) Number or alternatively declaration in Form No. 60 or 61 as specified under the Income Tax Act / Rules.

If the decision to open an account of a prospective depositor requires clearance at a higher level, reasons for any delay in opening of the account will be informed and the final decision of the Bank will be conveyed at the earliest.

We will give you upfront details of any interest and/ or charges applicable to the products chosen by you. You can also find out about our charges by contacting our staff at the branch where you have your account, or visit our website.

We will seek your specific consent for giving details of your name, address etc. to any third party including other entities in our group, for marketing purposes.

We will make sure that all advertising and promotional material is clear, fair, reasonable and not misleading.

To help you manage your account and check entries on it, we will give you account statements at regular intervals or Pass Book for the type of account you have. You can ask us to provide you with account statements more often than is normally available on your type of account, but there may be a charge for this service.

We will tell you about the clearing cycle, including when you can withdraw money after lodging collection instruments and when you will start to earn interest.

We will keep original cheques paid from your account or copies, for such periods as required by law. If, within a reasonable period after the entry has been made on your statement, there is a dispute about a cheque paid from your account, we will provide you with the necessary information for evidence -subject to a possible charge for the same.

In the event your cheque book, passbook or ATM/Debit card has been lost or stolen, or that someone else knows your PIN (Personal Identification Number) or other security information, we will, on your notifying us, take immediate steps to try to prevent these from being misused.

The customer information collected from the customers shall not be used for cross selling of services or products among the banks, their subsidiaries or affiliates. We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential (even when you are no longer our customer). including entities in our group, other than in the following four exceptional circumstances for which we are permitted to do so :-

  • If we have to give the information by law.
  • If there is a duty to the public to reveal the information in the interest of the public at large.
  • If our interests require us to give the information (for example, to prevent fraud) but we will not use this as a reason for giving information about you or your accounts (including your name and address) to anyone else, including other companies in our group, for marketing purposes.
  • If you ask us to reveal the information, or if we have your permission to provide such information to our group/associate/entities or companies when we have tie-up arrangements for providing other financial service products.
Common Practices Followed by our Branches
  • Displaying of business hours.
  • Attending to all customers present in the banking hall at the close of business hours.
  • Providing separate 'Enquiry' or 'May I Help You' counter at large branches.
  • Offering nomination facility to all deposit accounts (i.e. account opened in individual capacity), all safe deposit locker hirers (i.e. individual hirers) and safe custody of articles.
  • Displaying interest rates for various deposit schemes on notice board in the branches.
  • Displaying change in interest rates on advances.
  • Providing details of various deposit schemes / services of the Bank.
  • Displaying Time - Norms for various banking transactions/services.
  • Paying interest for delayed credit of outstation cheques.
  • According immediate credit in respect of outstation and local cheques upto a specified limit subject to certain conditions, as stipulated by bank from time to time.
  • Providing complaint / suggestion box in the branch premises.
  • Displaying names and addresses of Regional / Zonal and Central Offices as well as Nodal Officer dealing with customer grievances / complaints.

We suggest you to take following safe guards while dealing with us for a perennial & profitable banking relationship to help prevent fraud and protect your accounts from misuse.

  • Do not keep your cheque book and cards together and ensure proper safe custody of your cheque books, pass book and cards.
  • Do not keep the blank cheque leaves signed. Preferably use reverse carbon while writing a cheque. Issue crossed / account payee cheques as far as possible. Check the details of the cheque, namely, date, amount in words and figures, crossing etc., before issuing it. Draw a line through unused space on the cheque so that unauthorized person may not add extra numbers, names or figures etc.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your card, PIN, password or other security information.
  • If you opt to change your PIN you should choose your new PIN carefully.
  • Always remember your PIN, password and other security information, and destroy the notice as soon as you receive it.
  • Never write down, record or save on PC your PIN, password or other security information.
  • Always take reasonable steps to keep your card safe in your personal custody and your PIN, password and other security information secret at all times.
  • Keep your card receipts safe and dispose them off carefully.
  • Never give your account details, password or other security information to anyone unless you know who they are and why they need them and thereafter keep the matter followed up so that the same is not misused.
  • Not to issue cheque without adequate balance/ maintaining minimum balance as specified by the Bank.
  • Send cheques and other financial instruments by Registered Post or by reputed courier.
  • Bring pass book while withdrawing cash from savings bank account through withdrawal slip. Get pass book updated from time to time.
  • Use nomination facility.
  • Note down account numbers, details of FDR, locker numbers, etc., separately.
  • Inform change of address, telephone number, etc., to the Branch.
  • Inform loss of demand draft, fixed deposit receipt, cheque leaves book, key of Locker, card etc., immediately to the Branch.
  • Avail standing instructions facility to repeat transactions.
  • Provide feedback on our services.
  • Pay interest, installments, locker rent and other dues on time.
  • Avail services such as ATM, ECS, EFT, RTGS etc., offered by the branch.
  • Bring any deficiency in services to the notice of the branch.
  • Do not record your specimen signature either on pass book or on cheque book.
  • Not to introduce any person under any circumstances who is not personally known to you for the purpose of opening account.
  • Give a notice before canceling the payment of a cheque
  • If you act fraudulently or show negligence, you will be responsible for all losses on your account.

For Precautions while using internet banking facilities,

  • Visit our internet banking site directly.
  • Avoid accessing the site through a link from another site and verify the domain name displayed to avoid spoof websites.
  • Ignore any e-mail asking for your password or PIN.
  • We suggest you not to use cyber cafes to access our internet banking site.
  • We advise you to update your PC with latest anti virus software regularly.
  • A suitable firewall installed in a computer to protect your PC and its contents from outsiders on the internet would be an added security measure.
Common areas of Customer – Banker relationship


  • Savings Bank Deposit
  • Current Account
  • Term Deposits
  • Payment of balance in accounts of the deceased depositors to survivors/claimants.
  • Interest on deposits
  • Standing instructions
  • Insurance cover for Deposits
  • Service Tax


Lending Schemes

The Bank has formulated various lending schemes for individuals, businessman & Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporates, Agriculturists as per their requirements. All the KYC norms pertaining to advances will be adhered to before granting any advance. Reasons for rejection of loans will be conveyed to you wherever possible.

The loan options for different categories are broadly classified as under: (Details of these are available on bank’s website

Sr. No Corporates Businessman Individuals
1 Working Capital Working Capital Retail loans
2 Bill Finance Term Finance
3 Term loan SME gold card
4 Project Finance SME finance
5 Infrastructure Finance Traders loan
6 Non fund based services
7 Bridge loans

A host of Priority Sector advances are also offered by the bank the details of which can be found on the bank’s website.

Now the entire range of retail products is brought under one roof in the name of Baroda MONEYPLEX. It is a one stop shop for retail solutions, operating out of branches catering predominantly to the retail segment. The Bank has set up a chain of 115 Baroda Moneyplex outlets across the country.

In order to promote empowerment of women, bank has launched the following schemes:

  • Baroda Vaibhav Lakshmi loan : This product specially designed for working women takes care of all kinds of expenses and it can be availed as term loan or overdraft facility without any security.
  • Concession in Education loan interest rates : The bank offers 1% concession in interest rates to girl borrowers.

The gamut of retail schemes designed to suit requirements of our valued customers is as under:

  • Baroda Home Loan
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Baroda Advance Against Property
  • Loan Against Future Rent Receivable
  • Education Loan
  • Professional Loan
  • Loan to Doctors
  • Personal Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • Advance Against Securities
  • Loan for subscription to Public Issues/IPO

Remittance Services

Customers may remit funds from one center to another center by Demand Draft, Mail Transfer from all our branches and by Telegraphic Transfer, Baroda e-Money Transfer, Real Time Gross Settlement etc. at select branches, by paying specified charges as per the Bank’s rules. The customers can utilize the facility of remittance by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) System, SEFT System at our select branches.

Demand drafts, Telegraphic transfers, Mail transfer etc. for Rs.50,000/- and above will be issued by the bank only by debit to the customer’s account or against cheques or other instruments tendered by the purchaser and not against cash payment. For such transactions, PAN Number is required. Similarly, such payments for Rs.50,000/- and above will be made through banking channels and not in cash.

Issue of Duplicate Demand Draft without Receipt of Non-Payment Advice

The bank will issue duplicate demand draft up-to Rs.5,000/- on the basis of adequate indemnity and without obtaining Non-Payment Advice from the drawee branch.

Time Frame for Issue of Duplicate Draft

As directed by RBI, the bank will issue duplicate demand draft to the purchaser against stipulated charges within a fortnight from the receipt of request along-with required documents complete in all respect. For delay in issuing duplicate draft beyond the above stipulated period, the bank will pay interest at the rate applicable for fixed deposit of corresponding maturity in order to compensate the customer for such delay.

Banker’s Cheques

Banker’s cheques are issued for making payments locally. Issue / payment of a Banker’s cheque for Rs.50,000/- and above is to be made only through the bank account. Validity period of Banker’s cheque is 6 months. This can be revalidated by the issuing branch on written request of the purchaser.

Baroda Remitxpress

Bank of Baroda in association with has started providing a unique and cost effective online fund remittance solution to NRIs from USA, UK and Euro zone

Money Transfer service Scheme – Western Union

As per the strategic agreement, the Bank’s customers are now able to receive money from their friends and relatives residing abroad, using the international services of Western Union Money Transfer. The bank provides inbound money transfer services through its 1000 branches spread across the country.

Collection Services

Government Business

Foreign Exchange Business

Bank of Baroda undertakes various types of Foreign Exchange Transactions viz.,

  • Foreign Inward Remittance,
  • Foreign Outward Remittance,
  • Exchange Earners' Foreign Currency A/c. (EEFC)
  • Resident Foreign Currency A/c. (RFC)
  • Import Business
  • Export Business
  • Forward Contracts
  • FCNR (B)
  • ECB Loans
  • Arranging Debt / Floating Rate Notes / Quasi Debt instruments like Foreign Currency convertible bonds.
  • Providing consultancy and financial solutions for setting up joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • Arranging credit facilities / End to End Financial packages for overseas projects of Indian companies
  • Issue of guarantees for overseas projects.
  • Buyer's Credit
  • Suppliers Credit
  • International Merchant Banking Cell (IMBC) has been established at International Division to meet the expectations of corporates.

NRI Accounts

We will provide you details of the services, exchange rates and charges that apply to foreign exchange transactions. If you want to transfer money abroad, we will tell you how to do this and will give you a description of the services and how to use them. If money is transferred to your bank account from abroad, we will tell you the original amount received and charges,if any.

Bank has got 103 authorized branches doing International business in India. These branches are having SWIFT facilities. Bank of Baroda with its wide network of Overseas Branches spread over 19 countries serves Non-resident Indians with a wide range of deposits and investment banking services. At present, the Bank has 57 branches/offices and 9 branches of joint venture overseas.

Deposit schemes offered by Bank of Baroda to Non-resident are given below:

ATM / Credit Card facility


We offer debit card (in association with VISA), a product that represents the most secure, convenient and reliable form of payment through ATM.

Our Debit Card is accepted at over 4000 Visa Electron ATMs and 780000 ATMs worldwide. The card is also accepted at 45000 Point of Sales (POS) in India and around 10 million POS worldwide. The card enables you to enjoy the convenience of cash-less purchasing power without the fear of overdrawing your account.

Credit Card Facility

Our Credit Cards (BOBCARD) provide financial flexibility, worldwide acceptance and round the clock convenience at the minimum service charges in the entire card industry.

The Credit Cards, various products of our BOBCARDS Ltd. (our subsidiary), marketed by Bank are namely BOBCARDS PARAS, SILVER, PREMIUM, EXCLUSIVE, GOLD, GLOBAL, EXCLUSIVE FOR WOMEN and GOLD FLEXI. These products have been launched keeping in view the different needs of all sections of people. The credit limits under these cards range from Rs.20,000/- to Rs.3.00 lakhs. Bank is also providing Credit Card cum ATM card to the customers on request.

Service charges payable for rendering credit card services including Revolving Credit Facility, emergency Cash Withdrawal (wherever applicable) are very nominal.


Insurance cover in case of death due to air accident or other accidents is available to the cardholder as well as his / her spouse, (even if he / she is not a cardholder) incase of Bobcard Premium, Bobcard Exclusive, Bobcard Gold. Bobcard Gold Flexi and Bobcard Global. The amount of the available insurance for each card is printed in the respective application form.


Internet Banking & Mobile Banking

It is a Hi-Tech Convenience Banking product of Bank of Baroda. Baroda Internet Banking and Baroda Mobile Banking are two services which allow customers to access their account at their convenience through the internet or mobile phone.

These products offer a truly round the clock, around the globe banking service at our select branches.

After registration with the designated branch you can access your account via the internet for balance enquiries, transaction details, ordering a cheque book and ascertain the status of your order.

Baroda e-money Transfer

The Bank of Baroda e-remittance facility at select branches expedites payments and transfer of funds through electronic media. This facility is for both retail and corporate customers enabling efficient and instant transfer of funds.

Misc. / Ancillary Services

Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe deposit lockers may be hired at select branches by an individual (being not a minor) singly or jointly with another individual(s), HUFs, firms, limited companies, associates, societies, trusts etc. Nomination facility is available. In the absence of nomination or mandate for disposal of contents of lockers, the bank will release the contents of locker to the legal heirs against indemnity on the lines as applicable to deposit accounts

The major aspects governing the locker services are:

  • Loss of key should be immediately informed to the Branch.
  • Lockers are available in different sizes.
  • Lockers are rented out for a minimum period of one year. Annual rent is payable in advance.
  • With standing instruction, the rent may be paid from the deposit account of the hirer.
  • The Bank reserves right to break open the locker if the rent is not paid in spite of giving notices as per the Bank rules and recover charges thereof.

Articles in Safe Custody

Articles like Wills, property papers, FDRs etc., can be kept in safe custody with the Bank on payment of prescribed charges wherever such facility is offered.

Depository Services

Our select branches are offering Demat Services as Depository Participant, through NSDL/CDSL and perform the following functions:

  • Dematerialisation and rematerialisation of Securities
  • Maintain investor's holdings in electronic form
  • Effect settlement of securities traded on the exchanges
  • Carry-out settlement of trades not done on stock exchanges i.e. off market trades

Depository also provides the investors with the facility to pledge/hypothecate security held in the Demat form. The securities lying in the Demat account of the investor can be pledged in favour of the lender.

Exchange of Soiled / Slightly Mutilated Currency Notes

All the branches of the Bank will exchange soiled / slightly mutilated currency notes of all denominations freely. The Bank's currency chest branches will exchange all categories of mutilated currency notes. Currency exchange facility is offered to the Bank's customers and others. RBI has permitted the banks to exchange mutilated currency notes which are genuine and where mutilation are such as not to cause suspicion or fraud.

Clean Note Policy

Clean Note Policy is implemented in all our branches of the Bank and under the policy branches make payment of notes in unstitched and unstapled packet. The customer receiving payment should count notes and ensure correctness before leaving the cash counter. Customers are advised to avoid writing anything on the face of the notes and co-operate with us by tendering unstapled / unstitched notes as required under clean Note Policy.


Bank recommends that all depositors avail nomination facility wherever available. The nominee, in the event of death of the depositor/s, would receive the balance outstanding in the account as a trustee of legal heirs. The depositor will be informed of the advantages of the nomination facility while opening a deposit account.

  • Nomination facility is available for all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.
  • Nomination is available for accounts opened in individual capacity (i.e. single/joint accounts as well as accounts of a sole proprietary concern) only, i.e. not for accounts opened in representative capacity.
  • Nomination can be done in favour of one person only. However, nomination in favour of more than one person (i.e. upto 2 persons) is permissible in jointly operated locker accounts with common consent.
  • Nomination can be made, cancelled or varied by the account holder anytime during his/her life time. While making nomination, cancellation or variation, witness is required and the request should be signed by all account holders.
  • Nomination can be made in favour of a minor also.
  • For the existing accounts where nomination is not made, the account holder/s can do so by filling up form available with the branches.
  • Customers (new as well as existing) are advised to avail nomination facility, if they have not availed so far.

Service charges

The Bank provides various services to customers but for certain services only charges are levied. The charges are reviewed / revised from time to time.

Service charges are levied for some services such as collection of cheques / instruments, remittance of funds, processing of loan proposals, issue of guarantees, safe custody, issue of duplicate instruments / statements, ledger folio charges etc. Details of service charges will be made available on request.

Time - Norms for Various Banking Transactions
Sr.No. Service Time-norm
1 Cash Payment Through Teller Through Cashier   07 mins 15 mins
2 Receipt of cash 07 mins
3 For issuance of DDs / FDR 25 mins
4 Payment of DDs 15 mins
5 Payment of FDRs 15 mins
6 Opening of an account 25 mins
7 Retirement of bills 25 mins
8 Updation of passbooks 10 mins
9 Statement of accounts Within 07 days
10 Collection of cheques Local Outstation   03 days 10 to 14 days
Extended Banking Hours

The bank is the first among Public Sector Banks in India, to introduce and implement extended working hours like 12-Hour Banking and 24-Hour Banking.

8 AM to 8 PM Banking

8 a.m. to 8 p.m. services have been started in more than 510 branches in major cities in the country.

11 AM to 8 PM Banking

This flexi-timing service is introduced for the convenience of traders in the market area branches.

The list of branches offering 11 am to 8 pm banking can be found on our website.

24 Hour Banking

A novel customer centric initiative -24- hour Human Banking has been introduced at 9 metro branches in the country

Happy Hour Banking

This has been designed to encourage customers to avail certain services during lean business hours of the branch by providing them incentives, gifts as well as concessions in service charges etc. This facility is available from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 24 hour banking branches and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 8 am to 8 pm branches.

Redressal of Complaints

In case any of our c ustomers is having any complaint about Banking Services of Bank of Baroda, s/he is requested to approach concern Branch Manager to resolve the matter at first place.

If any customer is not satisfied with reply the customer is requested to follow the established escalation levels given below:

Redressal of Grievances / Complaints
Other Customer Centric Initiatives


Under bancassurance, the customers can obtain the general insurance products of NIC Ltd through the bank’s branch network.

Baroda Health

It is a Mediclaim insurance policy available for the account holders w.e.f. 23-02-2006 at all our branches across the country. (Details can be found on the bank’s website

Mutual Fund

Bank facilitates in selling the products of UTI Mutual Fund and Birla Mutual Fund to its customers through its designated branches

Information given in this booklet is subject to change / revision. This booklet should not be considered as a legal document creating rights and obligations. It is for promoting better understanding between Customer and Banker. Only key information on various services / facilities is given in this booklet. Each service has its own detailed terms and conditions which can be made available on request. For further details / information visit or write to our branch offices or Head office or visit our website or contact at our e-mail ID –

KYC Documentation

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