BHIM Aadhar Pay

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BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay
BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

What is BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay?

  • BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay is a digital payment acceptance solution from Bank of Baroda.
  • It is a merchant mobile application using an Android smartphone and biometric device
  • Meant for merchants to receive digital payments from customers over the counter through Aadhaar authentication
  • Customer performs transaction by providing his Aadhaar number and biometric.
  • The transaction will be interoperable in nature allowing any bank customer to transact on BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay.
  • The merchant funds will be credited real time to the merchant account linked at the time of registration after successful completion of the transaction.
  • The per transaction limit is Rs. 2000/-
  • BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay is different from BHIM(NPCI UPI’s Product).

Requirements for the merchant to start using BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

  • Aadhaar seeded account with Bank of Baroda.
  • STQC Certified Biometric Reader with Micro USB / USB C-Type connector.
  • Android smartphone with Android version 4.2 or higher with internet connectivity and OTG support for connecting biometric device.
  • Phone should be able to power the biometric reader.

Steps to follow before going Live

  • Download Bhim Aadhar Baroda Pay.
  • Merchant should fill the Application form and sign the Merchant Agreement
  • On boarding registration process and Agreement will be carried through Regions/Zones

Process Flow of BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

Merchant Login

  • Install Aadhar Payment Application in the smart phone.
  • The icon will appear on phone screen after successful installation. Click on the Application Icon to launch the application.
  • Enter Aadhar Number of the Merchant and click on “Proceed”
  • Application will redirect to fingerprint capturing page. Capture Fingerprints of the Merchant for UID based authentication.
  • Merchant Login
  • Aadhar based payment

Merchant Pay Transactions

  • Step 1 : Click on Aadhar Pay option.
  • Step 2 : Select the bank of the customer and enter aadhar number of customer along with transaction amount. Click on “Aadhar Pay” to proceed with the transaction.
  • Step 3 : Click on “Yes” to confirm
  • Step 4 : Application will redirect to fingerprint capturing page. Capture Fingerprints of the customer for UID based authentication and click on “Proceed”.
  • Step 5 : Below Receipt will be generated on phone screen after successful transaction.
  • Step 6 : Successful payment message displayed on mobile screen of the Merchant with reference number.
  • Step 7 : Click on “OK” to continue.
  • My Store - Merchant Pay Transactions
  • Select Details
  • Confirm Transaction
  • Cashless Payment
  • Capture Fingerprint
  • Aadhar based payment


  • Step 1 : Click on Reports icon to view the details of transactions done by the merchant on particular day.
  • Step 2 : Report will be generated in the below format.
  • Merchant My store
  • Report

Cost of Biometric device provided to merchants are recovered as per nature of Institutions provides as follow

Select Institution

  • These institute are selected by the Government.
  • Compulsory using digital payments as mode of accepting payment from the customer like AIIMS, PDS.
  • In such cases bank need to absorb the device cost instead of recovering from the institute.

State Government Subsidies

  • State government is facilitating the supply by offering devices at subsidized rates.
  • In such cases difference between the cost of the device and subsidy obtained will be absorbed by the Bank.

Corporate Institutions

  • Bank will collect cost of devices upfront from such Institutions.

Merchants in Tier 5 and Tier 6 cities

  • NABARD provides subsidy for device provided to merchant who belongs to Tier 5 and Tier 6 cities.
  • In such cases difference between the cost of the device and subsidiary obtained from the NABARD is absorbed by the bank.

Incentive from Government of India

To promote the digital payment, Government of India has incentivised 0.25% of the transaction value to the merchant and 0.25% to the Acquirer Bank.
The scheme has been announced on 14th April 2017 and is valid for six months duration.

Present Status

Presently 500 Merchants are live on BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay.

Future Plan

Ministry of Finance has allocated our Bank a sub-target of on boarding 56839 merchants to accept Digital Payment through BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay and is required to be achieved by 30th June 2017.

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