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Simple steps to Open NRI A/c

Any Non Resident Indians (NRI) / Person of Indian Origin(PIO) can open NRE/FCNR account with us. NRI/PIO can be defined as under:

Who is NRI?

Indian Citizens staying abroad for employment/studies or for carrying on any business or on vacation or for any other purpose in circumstances indicating an indefinite period of stay outside India (except of Pakistan and Bangladesh).

Who is PIO?

A citizen of any country other than Bangladesh or Pakistan who had

  • at any time held Indian Passport or
  • he or either of his parents or any of his grandparents was a citizen of India or
  • the person is a spouse of an Indian citizen or a person referred to in (a) or (b).

Account Opening Form:

  • NRIs/PIOs, to fill the Account Opening Form (AOF) - also available at our Website  or contact our overseas / domestic branch or NRI Services department
  • AOF duly completed with relevant documents to be submitted to

(a) Branch (with which NRI wishes to open account - details of branches available on bank’s website)
(b) Any overseas branch/office (except NEWYORK) accessible to NRI locally

  • Account can be opened in name of NRI/PIO
    • Singly or Jointly with another NRI/PIO with operational instructions as “Jointly by both/all” or “Either or Survivor”
    • Jointly with Resident Indian with operational instructions “Former or Survivor”
  • Signature/s of the applicant/s on AOF and all Documents enclosed with AOF to be verified by an Official signature and seal/stamp

(a) Our bank’s overseas branch / office
(b) Indian High Commission/Consulate/Embassy
(c) Notary Public

Documents to be enclosed with AOF: (All documents required)

  • 2 passport size latest photographs
  • Copy/ies of Passport and Residence Visa/ID Card/PIO Card
  • Copy/ies of any of Utility bills viz. fixed telephone/electricity bill, gas bill, water bill or council tax bill not older than three months. These utilities bills may be issued in your favour showing either your present residence abroad OR your permanent address in India
For opening account, initial foreign inward remittance to be sent by:

-Demand Draft /Mail Transfer in Foreign currency/INR
-Cashier’s Cheque/Personal Cheque in Foreign Currency/INR
-SWIFT/Wire/Telegraphic Transfer
-Foreign Currency/Traveller Cheques

How can you remit Money?

  1. By our in-house online money transfer facility Rapid Funds2 India from our overseas branches
  2. By our online remittance product Baroda RemitXpress from USA, UK and Euro Zone

  3. Through SWIFT/Wire Funds transfer

Instructions for remittance in foreign currency by SWIFT/Wire Transfer
Please arrange Foreign Currency funds transfer by SWIFT/Wire Transfer to any of the following Nostro A/cs of BOB Specialized Integrated Treasury Branch (SWIFT Code: BARBINBBTSY)

Foreign Currency Correspondent
Bank & A/C
USD Bank of Baroda, New York ABA Routing no. 026-005-322 A/c No. 93010200000070 (for NRE SB account) or A/c No. 93010200000076 (for FCNR account) BARBUS33

Bank of Baroda, London Main - UK
Sort Code: 60-93-71
A/c No.94100292000557
(for NRE SB account) or
A/c No. 94100292000972 (for FCNR account)


Bank of  Baroda, Brussels, Belgium
A/c 94210200000729
(for NRE and FCNR accounts)



ANZ Banking Group, Melbourne
A/c No. 835074/00001



Bank of Montreal, Toronto A/c No.31441020252



Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Tokyo
A/c No.11243069


New Zealand Dollar

Bank of New Zealand, Wellington
A/c No.2651970000



UBS AG, Zurich
A/c No.02300000036388050000C


SAR-Saudi Riyal

Saudi British Bank, Riyadh
A/c No.001551761900


Essential details for SWIFT remittance to India (from any country/bank)

Bank’s SWIFT Code for all remittances except FCNR deposit:  BARBINBBXXX. For FCNR deposit: BARBINBBNBO
Account with Institution: Give full details of Bank, Branch and its complete address, where the new account is to be opened / beneficiary is maintaining account
Beneficiary Customer: Give account number, name, address and phone/fax (if available) of the beneficiary
Purpose of Remittance: (for opening new account/credit to beneficiaries account in INR/Foreign currency-FCNR etc.). For opening FCNR deposits note to mention FCNR or F.CNR in Field 72 to avoid charges (if the correspondent bank is Bank of Baroda).

Our contact details:
C-34, G BLOCK,
MUMBAI- 400051

(T) +91 22 66983281
       +91 22 66983284


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