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Change / Addition of Contact Information & Email registration form

List of KYC documents acceptable for opening of accounts by individuals

Declaration Form under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)new7

Deposit products

  1. Account Opening Form (Individuals)
  2. Baroda Advantage Savings Bank Account
  3. Baroda Super Savings Bank Account
  4. Baroda Subh Savings Account
  5. Baroda Centenary Savings Bank Account
  6. Baroda Bachat Mitra
  7. Account Opening Form (Non-Individuals)
  8. Savings Account
  9. Current Account
  10. Time/Fixed Deposit
  11. Baroda Tax Saving term deposit
  12. Fast Access
  13. Recurring Deposits
  14. Yatha Shakti Jama Yojana
  15. NRI Fixed Deposit Account
  16. NRE Savings Bank Account
  17. Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) Account
  18. Nomination Form
  19. Application form for Term Deposit

Retail Loans

  1. Home Loan
  2. Home Loan (NRIs/PIOs)
  3. Home Improvement Loan
  4. Baroda Additional Assured Advance to Residents/NRIs/PIOs
  5. Education Loan
  6. Baroda Career Development
  7. Baroda Loan for training , skill upgradation of construction workers
  8. Car Loan
  9. Baroda Car loan to HNIs/Corporates
  10. Baroda Loan to Defence Pensioners
  11. Loan to Pensioners
  12. Baroda Loan for Earnest Money Deposit
  13. Baroda Personal Loan
  14. Baroda Consumer Durables
  15. Baroda Loan for two wheelers
  16. Baroda Loan for laptop and personal computer
  17. Traders Loan
  18. Baroda Ashray Loan
  19. Salary Advantage Savings Account
  20. Mortgage Loan
  21. Baroda Loan to Pensioners

Most Important Terms & Conditions (MITCs)

"All in Cost" details common for all Retail Loans

Model Checklist for Retail Loans

SME Products

  1. SME Loan

Rural & Agri Banking

  1. Baroda Kisan Credit Card
  1. Net Banking - Corporate
  2. Net Banking - Personal
  3. Debit cum ATM Card

  5. Prepaid Card
    1. Baroda Gift Card
      1. Application form
      2. Re-issuance from for Expired gift card
    2. Baroda TravelEasy Card
      1. Application form
      2. Form A2
      3. Sponsor declaration form
      4. Reload form
  6. Demat - CDSL

  7. Demat - NSDL
  8. Baroda e-trade

  9. Cash Management Services

  10. Govt. Business Products

  11. Foreign Exchange Services

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