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Team that wins

Bank of Baroda is winning in the markets, having been built on a saga of vision, enterprise, financial prudence and corporate governance

  • Best performing bank in the industry
    • The Bank has been the best performing bank in the industry including both public and private banks. Here are the few highlights of bank's performance:
    • Strongest gain in market share (in total business) among all banks between FY '08 and FY '12
    • 25.6% growth in assets compared to industry's 17.7% between FY '08 and FY '12
    • 37% growth in net profit compared to industry's 18% between FY '08 and FY '12
    • Currently Best Cost-cost income ratio among all public and new private banks
  • Prolifically awarded
    • Given the strong performance, the bank has been continuously awarded at various industry forums. Below are a few awards. The complete list of awards can be found Click here
    • Only public sector bank to be named "Best Bank" twice in three years by Business India
    • "Sunday Standard FINWIZ 2012 Awards – Best Indian Bank-Large
    • CNBC TV 18 Best Public Sector Bank Award           
    • Forbes India Leadership Award

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